What is Masonic Regalia?
Freemasons, identifiable through their actions, are a unique body of individuals. A significant act of the Freemasons in particular is that of transferring Masonic regalia through the generations of their family units. True Freemasons keep Masonic regalia as collectable items that are symbolic to their beliefs and, not just for appearances, use Masonic regalia functionally on a daily basis.

Masonic Gift Shop has Huge Selection of Presents for Freemasons
Angels with flaming swords block the entrance to the Garden of Eden and, as we read further in the story about Jacob’s Ladder, Jacob is admonished against climbing that ladder to heaven.

The Secret Teachings of Freemasonry - Freemasons Masonic Secrets
There are several individuals who are interested in becoming a Mason but just aren't sure how to go about it To begin with, they must first reach the criteria that they set out

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